Tournament Details

Date: Friday, March 27, 2020

Location: Vollmer Complex


Rink A
9:30am TBD vs. TBD
10:20am LTBD vs. TBD
11:10am TBD vs. TBD
12:00pm TBD vs. TBD
12:50pm TBD vs. TBD
1:40pm TBD vs. TBD

3:10pm – C Final
4:00pm  – A Final

Rink B
9:50am TBD vs. TBD
10:40am TBD vs. TBD
11:30am TBD vs. TBD
12:20pm TBD vs. TBD
1:10pm TBD vs. TBD
2:00pm TBD vs. TBD

3:00pm – D Final
3:50pm  – B Final


General Information for Tournament

• All team captains must sign the event game sheet prior to start of each game

• Onsite skate / stick / equipment repair will be available

• Onsite Chiropractic and Physiotherapy will be offered

Rules and Infractions

• Blue Line Icing

• Automatic Icing

• Play continues off netting

• Standard non-contact rules apply

• No slap shots (ankle high only)

• Pro’s can score at will

• Penalties – 3 minutes

 – Any player receiving three minor penalties or a game misconduct will be ejected  from the game and any player receiving a match or major fighting penalty will be ejected from the tournament – let’s keep it fun!

– Fighting, overtly aggressive or sustained unsafe play by a participant may cause ejection from the event with no reimbursement of funds raised or player registration

• Only CSA-approved equipment is allowed

• All team captains must sign the event game sheet prior to start of each game

• Referee’s Decision is final


Win – 5pts   |   Loss – 1pt   |   Tie – 3pts

Fundraising – 1 pt for every $500 raised dusring the campaign time frame

Fair Play – 25 pts (every penalty min = subtract 1 pt)

Draft Party Event – 1 pt for every trivia question that is answered correctly