Education and research have been among the main drivers of the new Windsor-Essex Hospitals System right from the beginning.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to think big and position the region as a leader in medical research and education.

Windsor Regional Hospital is the third largest community teaching hospital in Ontario, but our outdated facilities have limited space for clinical research and education. The opportunity to redesign the way hospital care is delivered opens the door for us to tap into the pockets of research that exist in the region and build collaboration right into the system.

By strengthening the research and scholarship culture in the region we put Windsor-Essex in a better position to recruit and retain top physicians, professional healthcare staff and medical leaders.  We saw this first hand when the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry – Windsor Campus opened, and look forward to building on our strengths in this area with the new Windsor-Essex Hospitals System. 

– David Musyj

Hockey is an excellent platform to raise much needed funds & awareness for Cancer research in Windsor Essex. Any opportunity to play hockey is a privilege, the Pro-am will be an incredibly fun community event!

– Adam Graves

A researcher like me who is working to develop new treatment strategies for patients, relies on close collaboration with clinicians to ensure that our discoveries move from the bench into patients that need it most. Similarly clinicians often have questions/issues/observations that they are currently unable to address without access to researchers with select expertise, equipment and manpower. Bringing researchers with different training backgrounds together will provide cutting edge solutions for cancer patients in Windsor-Essex, this WILL ultimately save lives.  

– Dr. Lisa Porter, PhD  |  Translational Research Director WCRG  |  Professor, Univ. of Windsor

The University of Windsor identifies building viable, healthy, and safe communities among its four key research priorities and is committed to the advancement of health sciences and healthcare to achieve this end. We are home to a growing body of world-class faculty, graduate and undergraduate student, and staff researchers whose strong, synergistic partnerships with clinicians, healthcare stakeholders, and community leaders in Windsor-Essex are changing the face of cancer research in our region and beyond. The great work being done in Windsor-Essex to advance our understanding of cancer and our ability to diagnose and treat it would not have been possible without the continual generous support of our community.

– Dr. K. W. Michael Siu, PhD  |  Vice-President, Research and Innovation  |  University of Windsor