About The Windsor Cancer Research Group

The Windsor Cancer Research Group (WCRG) is an assembly of local researchers, healthcare professionals and community partners working together to build teams to strengthen our local cancer research programs and bridge collaborations with our neighbouring cancer centres. Their mission is to establish Windsor-Essex as an international hub of cancer research excellence and their vision is to foster a united community bridging cutting edge research with world-class cancer care.

Because of research, 60% of people diagnosed with cancer survive 5 years or longer.

LOCAL Cancer Research…

• brings cutting-edge infrastructure
• delivers the latest innovative treatments to local patients
• elevates of all healthcare providers
• attracts and trains students
• attracts and retains the brightest professionals

Through collaboration, the WCRG has tripled the number of cancer research grants being submitted and increased the number of students being locally trained.

Integration with the new hospital system will…

• improve patient health outcomes
• allow cancer research to become more accessible to the public
• translate and connect cancer research within our community
• consolidate needs between researchers (and clinicians using research funded equipment
• enable multidisciplinary teams to explore research questions more effectively
• facilitate technical skills training for students
• stimulate economic diversity and create new job opportunities

WCRG 2018 Impact Report:http://windsorcancerresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/2018-WCRG-Impact-Report.pdf