Supported Initiatives

Cancer Research Care Grants

Program Overview

Cancer Research Care Grant program was established by the Cancer Research Collaboration Fund in 2019 with generous donations from the residents of Windsor-Essex. In partnership with the Windsor Health Institute and the Windsor Cancer Research Group, the Cancer Research Care Grant program will provide grant funding for new and innovative clinical cancer research in Windsor, Essex. This seed-funding will support cancer research programs at Windsor Regional Hospital that advances the needs of our local patients by improving prevention strategies, diagnostic tools and treatment regimens, and guides best practices in patient care.

The Cancer Research Care Grant program also seeks to promote collaborations within the Windsor-Essex cancer-care community (e.g., between healthcare professionals and university researchers). Thus expected outcomes are that the collaborations will facilitate the translation of research into clinical practices and community programs that advances research initiatives, improve local cancer care, and benefit the health of Windsor-Essex residents. 

Funding Amount: $44,000
Program Launched – November 2019

Link to the Cancer Research Care Grant:

Cancer Research Incentive Program

Program Overview

The Windsor Health Institute, in partnership with the Windsor Cancer Research Group and the Cancer Research Collaboration Fund, has established the Cancer Research Incentive Program to support its cancer research scholars in their efforts to acquire national funding and build their research programs. While, many proposals to national funding agencies (e.g., Canadian Institutes of Health Research) are worthy of funding, not all are successful because of steep competition and/or insufficient funds. The Cancer Research Incentive Program is designed to support researchers and enhance their cancer research programs in an effort to increase the prospect of their success for future national funding. 

Cancer Research Incentive Program awards may be used to generate preliminary data, develop a research tool, build collaborative research teams, or other activities that will strengthen the proposal for submission to the Canadian Institute of Health Research or other national funding agencies. This will primarily support university cancer researchers and in particular those research programs that are collaborative in nature.

Funding Amount – $12,000 (this is being matched by the Office of Research Services at University of Windsor)
Program Launch –  February 2020