Lace ‘Em up and Play for a Cure

Play for a Cure Pro-Am is a unique opportunity for hockey enthusiasts to play along side and against some of the stars they grew up watching on TV. Players will have a chance to hang out with NHL alumnus at the draft party, hear some great stories during the tournament and even make some plays on the ice.

The Pro-Am in support of Cancer Research, kicks off with a memorable draft party the night before the tournament on Thursday, March 26th. During the party, each team will draft an NHL alumnus to play on their team; draft positions are based on how much each team can fundraise. Be the team to raise the most money and get the first overall pick of alumni!

On Friday, March 27th teams will skate with their pros during a friendly round robin tournament. Points will be awarded for wins, fundraising and fair play.

Postponed until further notice

Team Totals

Team Standings

Player Standings


Jeff Casey: $18,182


Scott Dufour: $9,270


Marco Bello: $8,272


Graham Read: $8,210


Craig Fowler: $7,780


Gavin O'Neill: $7,362


Dave Medved: $6,740


Luc Pignal: $6,521

Total Raised